Personally Branded Consultants equals Increased Business Sales

Want to increase the sales your Sales Consultants make?

Personally Branded Consultant
It’s a no brainer yes of course you want your Sales Consultants to make more sales.  We all want that, How can You make this happen? Create Personally Branded Names for your consultants.

We all know that People or Businesses buy from Companies or People they Know, Like and Trust, make Your Consultants these people.

What’s the purpose of a Business Golf Day?  Is it not about setting up relationships, of establishing trust of getting to know your suppliers and  your clients?

Personal Branding goes along the same road, whilst the Personally Branded site is all about supplying information the Social Profiles connected to it are the Golf Greens of the Internet.  These spaces are where connected people meet and help each other out. These new playing fields only exist if a person invests in their Personally Branded Name.

When people  meet on a Google Hangout or at a Linked in group they are able to look each other up to find out more info, people are looking for references.  They want to know that the business people they are talking with is known, liked and Trusted and this will become evident via the Personally Branded Name.

People Watch People

A favorite past time of many is watching people, we love to sit and watch from a  park bench, in the airport, in queues whenever we have time on our hands, we are fascinated by people. Regardless of what Business we are in or what product we want to, buy our information originates from people and our opinion of the company or product is colored by the people we interact with in the process.

For many years and still to some extent we watch reality TV, we seem to have this need to watch people in the raw!! we want to know what makes them tick, why they do what they do and subconsciously we ask the question would we like to know them?  Strangely the more disgusting, strange, odd they are the more we want to know about them and each one of these people built themselves a notoriety and I suppose you could call this a Brand. Perhaps not one that you would use to sell your particular product but some of these people have gone on to be successful at promoting themselves and building a business.

I am not suggesting for one minute that building a personal Brand Name is like being a Reality TV Personality but in some ways you are opening yourself up to the world.  You want to make sure that what you present is what you want the world to know about you and this is an ongoing process, so remember to tidy up your social media profiles too.

The underlying point of the above two paragraphs is to illustrate that what fascinates us most is People.  If we find good people that have the products or services we want then we are likely to use those people for our Business. Hence Personally Branded Consultants equals Business Sales.

A business that takes the time and money to ensure their Sales Consultants are Branded will undoubtedly reap the benefits.



How to become the Person People Do Business With ….

consultant BrandingGood Question “How Do you Become the Person that People Do Business With?

People do Business with People they Know, Like and Trust” … so how do you become the person they Know,Like and Trust?

Well before they can Trust you they have to know you, and how are they going to get to know You? How can they find out about You?  Do You have a LinkedIn profile? a Google + Page? an page or are you one of the Elite and have your own Domain?

Imagine if a person was looking you up online and they found your, do you think they would be impressed?  You bet they would, do you think they would consider you for the Job first, the business deal first?  of course.

So perhaps if you want to become the Person that People Do Business with you should establish your own Domain and Personal Brand.

The aha moment… Personal Branding allows you to be a person that “People Know, Like and Trust”.

Today Personal Branding is the most effective and efficient way of moving your business and career ahead, in front of your competition and in front of your target audience.

A FACT “People used to compare products online only, they still compare products but now they also compare the people that are supplying the products”  Search for product has become more intense, more comprehensive. If you want to compete within this market then you have to be part of it and Your Personal Brand has to be aligned to the products and services you are providing.

So what’s stopping you.  The steps between now and having Your Personal Brand Name online are simple and outlined here

Inspirational Quotes

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.” Richard Branson

As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.”Donald Trump

“Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.”
Tom Peters in Fast Company, 1997

“Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.”
Jason Hartman

“In a competitive world, organizations are realizing that only people can
brand products or services effectively – that we are not just selling a
branded product but a mass of branded people who support and deliver it.”

Helena Rubinstein, The Lab

“Branding gives you an exceptionally effective way to broadcast who you are to your target market quickly and efficiently.”
MultiChannel News

“Branding adds spirit and a soul to what would otherwise be a robotic, automated, generic price-value proposition. If branding is ultimately about the creation of human meaning, it follows logically that it is the humans who must ultimately provide it.”
David Aaker

Top Tips for Personal Brand Photographs and Video

Personal Brand PhotographIt’s easy to talk about Personal Branding but it is a little more difficult when it comes time to Creating Your own Personal Brand here are Top Tips for Personal Brand Photographs and Video

Perhaps two of the most important tools you will need for Your Personal Brand is a good set of Photographs and a well edited Video clip. These two items are essential to begin your journey into Personal Branding. It is the physical consideration of who you are and how you might present yourself that perhaps starts the fascinating journey into who you are and what you can offer the world.

To many this exercise of Creating Your Personal Brand seems a little self indulgent, please put those fears aside.  The world of business communication has changed and is constantly changing. Today’s business world dictates that people do business with people, they know like and trust, and if you want to be one of the people doing business then you need to known, liked and trusted. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by creating a Personal Brand hence Top Tips for Personal Brand Photographs and Video.

Find a Good Photographer/Videographer

1. So find yourself a good photographer/videographer, one that you feel comfortable with and can take time with.

2. You need to consider what type of photos you want, portrait, half body, full body, relaxed, casual or corporate.  Match the flavour with your business persona.

3. Are you Fashion Photographer or a Business Analyst.

4. If the photographer provides you the choice of superimposing your image over a background photo, then choose wisely.  Do you want your face over a New York skyline or perhaps set on an idyllic beach setting, these settings allow you to describe your brand further. Choose high resolution images.

Your session with the photographer offers the opportunity of a little bit of acting, take a serious photo, perhaps something more fun or quirky and something that is just you. You may want to use a change of clothes?? This photographic session provides you with a wonderful opportunity of taking time to think about your individual business and how you want to brand yourself and your business going forward. Remember these photographs may be used across all your business profiles including: Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest,Youtube and any other online profiles you might have.

Personal Branding is not a Vanity Ride

Creating Your Personal Brand is not about showing off, it is about telling the world how you can help people, what your individual strengths are and why you are unique. It is about how you provide unique value. What is your specialty within your market? Consider your niche, why are you so good at what you do, why do you sync with your particular market, why should people use you above anyone else? Why should people trust you above anyone else? How does your physical,mental and emotional persona fit your niche? does it resonate with your niche?

Video is Personal

Your video is very personal and you need to make it so, this is your chance to speak intimately with your audience, this provides the opportunity of growing a huge trust factor. The psychological benefits of video is that the viewer honestly believes they know you a bit better, consider your feelings when watching a famous movie actor, you believe you know them.  The same principle applies to Personal Video.

1. Limit the length o,f your video to about 30 seconds footage.

2. Although it is not advisable to read a script, you should be well prepared, think about the words you will use, how your voice sounds and is your message providing an impact an aha moment?

3. When creating your video remember you are only talking to one person, somebody who really needs to hear your message, this message could make a big difference to their lives.

4. You are not selling to that person you are just talking about your unique value to their particular situation.

Here is the question you should ask yourself to prepare
Why are you doing what you do and why should people use you?
The  difficult part in all this is to remain sincere,authentic and yet still convince this one person why they should use you, without selling to them.

This video can be a very strong piece of marketing material for your individual business and can be used across your social media profiles, via your email as an introduction, video can be so powerful.

William Arruda considered a guru for Personal Branding really knows what he is talking about – take a look at this video below:

As I have said before, Personal Branding can seem like quite a self indulgent exercise and many of us don’t know why we are good or even great, however others do. Consider the  UNILEVER advert example  “that asks women to identify the parts of their body’s that they like, they can’t answer but when they asked a friend to comment on their friends’ body’s there were plenty of compliments”. Maybe ask a colleague or family member their thoughts on your strengths and return the favour.

The video below is more detailed, but you get the sense of him speaking just to you, which is hugely important.

I hope the above article has help answered some questions surrounding creating Personal Brand Photographs and Video

Does Your Company Humanicate?

HumanicateWhat does Humanicate mean? It means to communicate on a human level – you would think that all communication is communicating on a human level? but is it really or is what you are saying sound wonderful on a technical, business, Finance, commercial level but what does it mean to the soul of a person does your communication send an emotional message something that someone can empathize with, agree with , disagree with, laugh at, connect to ? or does your message purely give information and nothing more??

This is where Humanication is so important, it is like give communication colour, texture, soul, reason, thought, questions, an argument, a shock, something that engages and demands attention.

Does your company communicate or humanicate?

its intentions, its raison d’etre”? that is electric engaging, that pops, that’s shareable?

When you look at your company website, does it say anything about the people that make your company or is it all about the product. Now if it is all about the product and you are the only company in the world that has this product then maybe that’s ok… but it is more likely that you have a lot of competition and there are many companies that are selling the exact same product as yourselves. How can your company be different? how can you stand out? what makes your company so different?

The answer? it is your people, people buy from people, make your people the stars of your show, showcase your brilliant people, people want to deal with engaging, exciting, interesting, ambitious, honest, humble, and quirky people. Highlighting your people can propel your company way ahead of your competition. The most successful companies in this world have learnt that it is their people that make the company a success. It is every single person in your company that is important from the CEO to the person that provides refreshments, each and every person provides the company with soul, each and every person is important.

We are all tremendously grateful for the shift in management styles form the old fashioned Pyramid to the parallel individual ownership of business responsibilities, so that in effect people are taking ownership of their part of the company, something they can be proud of that they can grow and create to contribute to the whole growth of the company and a joint future. Many of today’s company’s have this outlook and it is wonderful but in some ways whilst we know it is there, it has become a little silent and now it is time to add colour and depth to this so that the power of the individual is felt by not only the management or the company but is seen by the outside world.

Where this group of colorful and wildly interesting individuals are striving together to reach new frontiers in business deliverables. This results in the business Humanciating with the world, it is a business that automatically gains recognition it is one that people are interested in, one where people want to work because it is known as being adventurous, as being brave, as being innovative and exciting. It is a business that people want to invest in and do business with. It has character it has soul, it is transparent and believes it is a child that has so much to achieve.

And so the question is Does your company employ people? or is your company a machine that magically produces perfect products. Does your company have a personality or is it a bland workhorse canvas??? Is it not time to Humanicate Your business?

I am sure your company employs people, real people, people who have families, hobbies, ambitions, goals, dreams, foibles, faults and shades of brilliance. From so many websites across the internet it is sometimes really difficult to tell that a company is actually a home to many hundreds of people who live eat and breathe company business. The websites are dead zones that talk about company policy and product and nowhere do you see the sight of a human….

This type of a website that is not connecting to peoples psyche to their obvious intrigue into who makes your company tick, what are the people like, why do they work there, why is your company so good – makes no sense….Is your company communicating with People? Are Your Company’s people communicating or are your company’s people so busy doing what they are doing, they don’t have time to tell others about what they are doing?

I am not saying that everyone employed in a company is a company spokesperson, however sometimes when the company is extraordinary and people literally have made it their life’s ambition to be a part of the company then we should all know about it. Imagine you meet someone who works for Google, are you not fascinated by them, do you not have a hundred questions for them. You have heard Google is absolutely heaven on earth, to work for such a company is to be a very special person, to be chosen by the Giant Google is indeed an achievement. Why is that ? It is because of Googles’ reputation? is it because the people that work for Google can’t help but be excited about the company, because it is brave, it is innovative, it values its people, it celebrates their differences. It is lead by people with vision and humility, people who are above all brave enough to take a chance, who ask questions, who take on huge challenges and attempt to change the world for the good of all.

People do not limit their vision by their individual enterprise. People who believe answers exist and will be found and it is the journey of finding them, that is extraordinary and may produce more than just answers. In fact it is these journeys of discovery that often produce the most surprising results, these journeys would not exist without the courage of its leaders. Therefore whilst we all know what Google does, we are fascinated and inspired by its people.

Take the same recipe and apply it to your company, your products may be very similar to your competitors but where you differ is your people, your personality, which in turn becomes the company’s personality. This is how your company reputation is manufactured this is where it stems from, this will become the company soul, it needs an identity that links with its people and the two entwine and grow together to become something extraordinary.

The company becomes a magnet that attracts people and interest to it, because it is interesting, exciting, innovative, brave, quirky, exciting, on a journey, still forming still becoming, still improving and changing. It is an entity that you need to follow and find out more about, you want to watch and listen to what people are doing in this company because they are inventing, accepting of differences, and champion challenges, in your gut you know this company has lots to give the world.

Great CEO’s believe this here are words by Richard Branson…

Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual re-invention; striking chords with people to stir their emotions; and commitment to imagination. It is easy to be cynical about such things, much harder to be successful.” – Sir Richard Branson

Claim Your Domain Name

your domainThe first step to establishing your online profile is to claim your Domain name. What is a Domain name ? A Domain name is is a an Internet net name complete with the www’s and the .com/ etc and it is super important that you claim yours now. As Personal Branding grows in popularity domain names are quickly being taken up and you want to make sure that you you have yours and that you don’t have to adapt it because other people have the same name as you.

You will only ever have to do this once and this name your piece of real estate on the web is with you for life. This small piece of land you are going to be tending and growing for the rest of your life, it is in a way your Google Passport. It is this page that many people use to check you out before they ever meet you.

Many people are only realising now how important their online profile is and some have suffered because they have not monitored some of the social profiles which may have become messy and this affects your projected image. To pave your way to growing a positive profile on Google then google yourself and check out all the references if there are some that belong in file 13 then do it now. Clean up your image right now, go through your social profiles particularly facebook and tidy up any unwanted images and language.

Start today by adding positive content to your social platforms, connect with people who are inspiring, who are creative, who have great things to say. It is good to get involved in positive discussions and to follow these discussions, conduct some research and give back to the discussion, all of this effort is building your brand.

Why has personal Branding suddenly become so Important?

Finally I think we have all realised that people are buying products from people they like and trust. Most of us are not selling unique products we are selling what everyone else has too and the only way we can attract people to buy from us is to be the person they want to deal with.

If you are known as from “All Time Investments”, it is already quite impressive that you have your own website about you and your services, you have already gained an emotional and physchological advantage over a rep from Investments PTY. You are already somebody as you have set yourself up to be somebody, your tells me you are an expert at what you do. This impresses me and I don’t have to waste my time looking for someone else to trust.

I think the future will be one where we collect people that we use for business purposes rather than businesses for business purposes.
Our future contacts lists will be a set for Personal Domain names and each one representing a speciality and recognised as an authority. We will be dealing with people not companies. We will collect people, like a pack of playing cards, we will actually boast about our connections as our connections are authorities within their field.

An individual is able to surround him/herself with a team of specialists that assist in every aspect of life.