Digital Strategy

Getting you more customers, leads and traffic

Every Business Sells

Every business has something to sell. Even if a non-profit, a cause needs donations.
Prospects may or may not have ever heard of the business but they are going online in a wide variety of ways looking for solutions – solutions a business has to offer them.

Everybody Buys

People are searching for you via search engines, social networks, forums, user-generated review sites, location-based sites, and more. I get you into the buyers path at the right time with the appropriate answers.

I Understand your business goals and form an understanding of the needs of your prospects at various stages of decision making process.

What Questions are they asking at the beginning, middle and end of the sales funnel?

Analyse Your Current Digital Profile

Website Design

Website design and optimization – Structure, usability, design, SEO, analytics, email, Social media integration, tracking, security, hosting, plugins, backups and more.


Creating content: A blog, or videos, or simply articles and charts on your website. By providing answers to your prospects’ questions, the search engines will do a lot of the work for you, if we’re creating the right content and optimizing it to be found.

Media - Blogger

Media/blogger outreach: Get story ideas out to media and bloggers so prospects can find you.

Email Marketing

Email marketing: Gather email addresses from website visitors, existing customers, etc. and nurture relationships through email marketing.

PPC - Adwords

Paid advertising: Perhaps it’s Google AdWords (the sponsored listings you see at the top of Google search results.) or Facebook advertising, or sponsored posts.

Social Networking

Social networking: I help decide your strategy on social networks, but it’s one piece of the overall plan. You’ll want to build relationships and handle reputation and customer service issues on the social networks. I’ll help you with that.

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