Personal Branding Humanicates Business

Humanicating BusinessPersonal Branding Humanicates Businesses by providing the entrance to the company and its products via their Personally Branded Consultants.

I believe the time has come to Humanicate business. 

What does Humanicate Mean?

Humanicate means to weave the ‘Human Element‘ into business, the business should communicate on a Human Level. I believe the circle of communication is turning and once more we are starting to buy from people we know or who we are connected to or who impress us. We all know that companies that invest in their people are hugely successful, they have understood the word ‘Humanicate’.

These companies encourage their people to create their own Personal Brand, not limited to their own domain name site but to encompass their Social Media Profiles, their blogs, the comments and discussions had with others in a similar field. Therefore presenting to the world a rounded image. A personality that invites others to connect will be successful , people connect with people who have similar interests.

To Humanicate with people within their field of interest is indeed powerful, when interests are shared an emotional response is triggered.

We know this works, How? take Sport, people who support the same team in a particular geographic location feel a kindred spirit to others who support the same team. All of the Social Media platforms allow you to discover people that may have similar interests and goals as your own.

It is these people who may become your clients and your ambassador for your products and services however more importantly for Your Personal Band. Think of your new connections as being a part of Your Personal Brands growing Tribe. Provide Your Tribe with useful, share able information that asks questions, that engages and perhaps even shocks.

How does this Benefit the company?

The Gateway to the company’s offerings is via a Personally Branded Consultant Page, how does this help? competitive Products and services abound in the market place as many companies are selling similar products, the competitive edge has always been via price or service. Now companies should encourage their consultants to shine via their Personal Brand and use this tool not only to place the the consultant as an authority within their area of expertise but to place the company as an authority due to the caliber of its consultants.

A business who encourages its representatives to gain a business edge via Personal Branding is a business who will go the distance, who will outpace competition, and will be recognised and applauded for its Human Element.

People relate to people not products or services, therefore to encourage and capitalize on the Human Element makes great Financial sense, plus a hefty boost for Company reputation significance.

When we decide to buy a product or service the first thing most of us do is research it online, we look at reviews, we compare prices this is today’s normal human behavior. However imagine if you were researching a product and suddenly you come across Ashley’s Personal Domain name at the top of Google talking about the product or service you are researching?

Would his page not compel you to take a further look as he would appear to be an authority within this field, he is the go to guy for the product. Being an authority takes time and hard work and on top of that Ashley has placed his name and reputation alongside the product you are researching, that in itself offers tremendous confidence in the product.

A Personal Branding Page endows the candidate with a platform of authority, it illustrates his knowledge and demonstrates how he can help people. Personal brandingFurthermore Ashley’s Social Media Profiles and his Video presentations allows you to emotionally understand and connect with Ashley. Knowing more about a person before you talk to them on the phone or meet in person provides the meeting with an already established understanding of the individual.

Establishing a connection with an individual in a company or organisation offers a huge advantage to the success of the sale and future business.