Is Personal Branding a Me Me Phenomenon?

Me Me PhenomenonThe moment Personal Branding is mentioned there are one of two main responses that occur:

“Oh no that means talking all about Me!!”


“Oh Yes that means talking all about ME!”

You probably fit into the first category.. Most of us have been taught not to talk about ourselves and that in the main is right.  However Personal Branding does not provide you with a platform where you can show off and brag, that is not the point. Personal Branding is not a Me Me Platform, it is what can I do for You Platform.

The point of Personal Branding is to illustrate what you can do what your strengths are why you would be a good person to know or to use for a certain project.  Your Personal Brand has to showcase the benefits of knowing You, of what you are offering the world, the reasons to trust you ,to use you, your skills and know that above all you have integrity.

Your Brand demonstrates a certain amount of authority within your field and this is the reason why you should be chosen for a certain role.

Personal Branding is not Me Me Phenomenon – it is about What You can Give to Others.

Personal Branding is much more about giving than getting, the long trusted phrase

“Givers Get”    is key.

Your personal Brand is about what you can give, about what you offer, about why others have liked what you have done.  Your Personal Brand is just just that  and it needs to be remembered, this is not a place to be bland, it is a place to stand out and be counted.

We have heard time and time again, that personality counts, in fact “Richard Branson” will hire someone based on their personality above their credentials as he believes and rightly so skills are transferable.  You are not unique in your skill set but you are unique in your personality and this is what people relate to.  Personalities are born Skills are learnt, Make sure yours shines.

Personal Branding is not a one stop shop  and will not happen overnight it is something that is grown and nurtured and you need to know this in advance and be firm about committing to Your Personal Brand as this will grow with you during your lifetime.

Take time and effort in constructing Your Personal brand, get great Photographs and not ones that look like your passport and not necessarily sitting in a typical Office environment, i.e. if you are in environmental Science perhaps an outdoor photograph, or if you are in Retail Marketing perhaps the high street would be good.  A picture tells a thousand words. Photos are never a bad investment as you will be using these across your social profiles.

Secure your own domain name i.e. or .com

Find Phrases, quotes or memorable sayings that resonate with your business personality, your beliefs and ethics.

Construct an “About Me Section”, that tells readers how you can help them, what products and services you offer and why you believe you can solve their problems and needs remember “Givers Get”

List your skills: i.e. Project Management, WordPress, Programming Languages etc

Provide links to your social Profiles on: Google+ Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest

(make sure all these pages are tidy and represent you in the correct manner)

Make a list of your heroes, either business, sporting or entertainment.

Make a list of websites and blogs you follow, what organisations you belong to, books you have read, movies you like.

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All of these details provide a rounded picture of you, Your Personality comes to life through the detail.

Personal Branding is not about Me Me it is about what Can I Give – Put aside time today to start Your Personal Branding Journey.

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