Personally Branded Consultants equals Increased Business Sales

Want to increase the sales your Sales Consultants make?

Personally Branded Consultant
It’s a no brainer yes of course you want your Sales Consultants to make more sales.  We all want that, How can You make this happen? Create Personally Branded Names for your consultants.

We all know that People or Businesses buy from Companies or People they Know, Like and Trust, make Your Consultants these people.

What’s the purpose of a Business Golf Day?  Is it not about setting up relationships, of establishing trust of getting to know your suppliers and  your clients?

Personal Branding goes along the same road, whilst the Personally Branded site is all about supplying information the Social Profiles connected to it are the Golf Greens of the Internet.  These spaces are where connected people meet and help each other out. These new playing fields only exist if a person invests in their Personally Branded Name.

When people  meet on a Google Hangout or at a Linked in group they are able to look each other up to find out more info, people are looking for references.  They want to know that the business people they are talking with is known, liked and Trusted and this will become evident via the Personally Branded Name.

People Watch People

A favorite past time of many is watching people, we love to sit and watch from a  park bench, in the airport, in queues whenever we have time on our hands, we are fascinated by people. Regardless of what Business we are in or what product we want to, buy our information originates from people and our opinion of the company or product is colored by the people we interact with in the process.

For many years and still to some extent we watch reality TV, we seem to have this need to watch people in the raw!! we want to know what makes them tick, why they do what they do and subconsciously we ask the question would we like to know them?  Strangely the more disgusting, strange, odd they are the more we want to know about them and each one of these people built themselves a notoriety and I suppose you could call this a Brand. Perhaps not one that you would use to sell your particular product but some of these people have gone on to be successful at promoting themselves and building a business.

I am not suggesting for one minute that building a personal Brand Name is like being a Reality TV Personality but in some ways you are opening yourself up to the world.  You want to make sure that what you present is what you want the world to know about you and this is an ongoing process, so remember to tidy up your social media profiles too.

The underlying point of the above two paragraphs is to illustrate that what fascinates us most is People.  If we find good people that have the products or services we want then we are likely to use those people for our Business. Hence Personally Branded Consultants equals Business Sales.

A business that takes the time and money to ensure their Sales Consultants are Branded will undoubtedly reap the benefits.