Why Should Businesses Use Personal Branding?

Employee Personal BrandingPersonal Branding seems to be the new buzzword at the moment.  Why has Personal Branding suddenly become so important?

I believe that at long last Businesses, Organisations and Professionals have finally realised the long known truth

That business is conducted with People you know and trust’.

Look at all the Business Networking Organisations, like BNI and take a moment to understand why they are so successful. It is because over a period of time people build relationships with others and learn to trust each other to the extent where they can recommend each other hence healthy business relationships that function built on solid foundations.

Most businesses do not send their consultants to such organisations, they are sent on sales calls without being properly being introduced to their prospective client. The sales Consultant starts on the backfoot at a disadvantage to perhaps one of the clients’ friends who may be offering an inferior product but is known and therefore trusted.

Business therefore need to make their consultants and sales professionals known and trusted. Employee Personal Branding Furthermore if a company not only establishes an online profile of their representatives but also sets them up as authorities within their field this provides them with a far bigger advantage over their competition.

Think about the way we view the branding of sporting  and business celebrities, we talk about them, we admire them, we refer to them we even boast about them to our friends.  We feel special because we know them, we have have been given the privilege of knowing an authority in a particular field and with confidence can recommend them. People who know People have always succeeded.

How Does Personal Branding Benefit Businesses?

Businesses not only stand to be highly competitive within their areas of business but also benefit from the increase in positive profiling.  Not only are they a business that supplies excellent services and goods but now they offer extraordinary people to supply these.

Perhaps not surprisingly there is a two way benefit to companies as those who take up Personal Branding take time to concentrate on themselves, to understand their goals, strengths and weaknesses.  I have seen a metamorphosis in people during this process as they begin to understand who they are and the role they can play and just how powerful they can be, it is truly inspiring to see the light go on in a candidates eyes, to understand that they can be the best at what they do and can make a difference. Bushiness will find that their Personnel appreciate the efforts of a company who invests in them, it builds emotions of trust, loyalty and increased work ethics.

Businesses can now set up their Professionals as the Go To Gal or Guy within their fields providing their consultants with vastly competitive advantages.e

Personal Branding is a fairly simple exercise to set up however it demands that the individual is committed to this as a brand is not made overnight, once committed to creating Your Personal Brand know that this will be a life long venture.

Personal Branding is far more than just a one page glorified CV on the Internet, a personally Branded Page sits at the top and is the gateway to the rest of Your Online Brand which is built and grown over time.

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