Top Tips for Personal Brand Photographs and Video

Personal Brand PhotographIt’s easy to talk about Personal Branding but it is a little more difficult when it comes time to Creating Your own Personal Brand here are Top Tips for Personal Brand Photographs and Video

Perhaps two of the most important tools you will need for Your Personal Brand is a good set of Photographs and a well edited Video clip. These two items are essential to begin your journey into Personal Branding. It is the physical consideration of who you are and how you might present yourself that perhaps starts the fascinating journey into who you are and what you can offer the world.

To many this exercise of Creating Your Personal Brand seems a little self indulgent, please put those fears aside.  The world of business communication has changed and is constantly changing. Today’s business world dictates that people do business with people, they know like and trust, and if you want to be one of the people doing business then you need to known, liked and trusted. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by creating a Personal Brand hence Top Tips for Personal Brand Photographs and Video.

Find a Good Photographer/Videographer

1. So find yourself a good photographer/videographer, one that you feel comfortable with and can take time with.

2. You need to consider what type of photos you want, portrait, half body, full body, relaxed, casual or corporate.  Match the flavour with your business persona.

3. Are you Fashion Photographer or a Business Analyst.

4. If the photographer provides you the choice of superimposing your image over a background photo, then choose wisely.  Do you want your face over a New York skyline or perhaps set on an idyllic beach setting, these settings allow you to describe your brand further. Choose high resolution images.

Your session with the photographer offers the opportunity of a little bit of acting, take a serious photo, perhaps something more fun or quirky and something that is just you. You may want to use a change of clothes?? This photographic session provides you with a wonderful opportunity of taking time to think about your individual business and how you want to brand yourself and your business going forward. Remember these photographs may be used across all your business profiles including: Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest,Youtube and any other online profiles you might have.

Personal Branding is not a Vanity Ride

Creating Your Personal Brand is not about showing off, it is about telling the world how you can help people, what your individual strengths are and why you are unique. It is about how you provide unique value. What is your specialty within your market? Consider your niche, why are you so good at what you do, why do you sync with your particular market, why should people use you above anyone else? Why should people trust you above anyone else? How does your physical,mental and emotional persona fit your niche? does it resonate with your niche?

Video is Personal

Your video is very personal and you need to make it so, this is your chance to speak intimately with your audience, this provides the opportunity of growing a huge trust factor. The psychological benefits of video is that the viewer honestly believes they know you a bit better, consider your feelings when watching a famous movie actor, you believe you know them.  The same principle applies to Personal Video.

1. Limit the length o,f your video to about 30 seconds footage.

2. Although it is not advisable to read a script, you should be well prepared, think about the words you will use, how your voice sounds and is your message providing an impact an aha moment?

3. When creating your video remember you are only talking to one person, somebody who really needs to hear your message, this message could make a big difference to their lives.

4. You are not selling to that person you are just talking about your unique value to their particular situation.

Here is the question you should ask yourself to prepare
Why are you doing what you do and why should people use you?
The  difficult part in all this is to remain sincere,authentic and yet still convince this one person why they should use you, without selling to them.

This video can be a very strong piece of marketing material for your individual business and can be used across your social media profiles, via your email as an introduction, video can be so powerful.

William Arruda considered a guru for Personal Branding really knows what he is talking about – take a look at this video below:

As I have said before, Personal Branding can seem like quite a self indulgent exercise and many of us don’t know why we are good or even great, however others do. Consider the  UNILEVER advert example  “that asks women to identify the parts of their body’s that they like, they can’t answer but when they asked a friend to comment on their friends’ body’s there were plenty of compliments”. Maybe ask a colleague or family member their thoughts on your strengths and return the favour.

The video below is more detailed, but you get the sense of him speaking just to you, which is hugely important.

I hope the above article has help answered some questions surrounding creating Personal Brand Photographs and Video